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 TH3 RUL3$ 4 TH3 $!T3

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PostSubject: TH3 RUL3$ 4 TH3 $!T3   Fri Oct 08, 2010 2:06 am

i took these rules from fatal army because they fall under what i dont want going on here!
1. No account hacking/stealing
2. Do not Spam
3. No illegal material on the Site
4. Do not say anything insulting
5. No one word posts
6. Advertisment will be removed if not wanted
7. No Caps lock, continuously
8. Any spamming on the chatbox will be banned
9. Be respectful to other Members
10. No racism, etc.
11. No posting pornography or inapropriate pictures!

these rulz will be taken seriously anyone caught violateing any of these rulez will be banned for 3 days if they do it again the 6 etc.

thank you for following the sites rules!
enjoy the site!!

B!O-SAVES where all your ftb3 save needs are fulfilled!

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TH3 RUL3$ 4 TH3 $!T3
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